Robert Mailhammer
Dr. phil., M.A. (Munich)
Lecturer in Linguistics
(University of Western Sydney)



Autumn 2013
- Sociolinguistics
(University of Western Sydney)

Spring 2012
- The History of the English Language (University of Western Sydney)

Autumn 2012
- The Structure of English (University of Western Sydney)

Fall 2011
- History of English, graduate level (Arizona State University)
Advanced Phonology (Arizona State University)
- Anthropological Linguistics (Arizona State University)

Spring 2011
- History of English, undergraduate level (Arizona State University)

Fall 2010
Introduction to the study of Language (Arizona State University)
- History of English, graduate level (Arizona State University

Winter 2008/2009
- History of the English Language (Eichstätt)
- Introduction to Linguistics (Eichstätt)
- Phonetics and Phonlogy (Eichstätt)
- Language use and language structure (Eichstätt)

Summer 2008
- Early Modern English (Munich)
- Linguistic Analysis of fictional texts (Munich)
- Contrastive Language Skills (Munich)
- Phonetics and Phonology (Munich)

Winter 2007/2008
- Anglo-Saxon language and culture (Munich)
- Introduction to English linguistics (Munich)
- Contrastive language skills (Munich)

Winter 2006/2007
- Introduction to German Linguistics (Munich)
- Contact Linguistics (Munich)

Summer 2006
- Introduction to the history of the German language (Munich)
- German Phonology (Munich)

Winter 2005/06
- Introduction to German Linguistics (Munich)
- Etymology (Munich)

Summer 2005
- Introduction to German Linguistics (Munich)

Summer 2004
- Language and the New Media (Munich, together with Dr. Patrizia Noel)
- Advanced Old and Middle English (Munich)

Winter 2003/04
- Inflectional Moprhology of German
(Munich, together with PD Dr. Katrin Lindner)
- Linguistics for Foreign Students (Tutorial, Munich)

Winter 2002/2003
- Tutorial accompanying the lecture "Phonologie und Metrik"
(Prof. Theo Vennemann), Munich

Summer 2002
- German Morphology (Munich)

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